IRowBuffer Interface

Provides access to members used for getting and modifying a rows values and for getting the fields in the row.


A RowBuffer is a transient object that is capable of holding the state of a row but has no object identity. It is used primarily during data loading as the argument to the InsertRow method on an insert cursor. A RowBuffer is obtained from the Table::CreateRowBuffer method.


Name Description
Read-only property Fields The fields Collection for this row buffer.
Read/write property Value The value of the field with the specified index.

IRowBuffer.Fields Property

The fields Collection for this row buffer.

Public ReadOnly Property Fields As IFields
public IFields Fields {get;}

IRowBuffer.Value Property

The value of the field with the specified index.

Public Function get_Value ( _
    ByVal Index As Integer _
) As Object
Public Sub set_Value ( _
    ByVal Index As Integer, _
    ByVal Value As Object _
public object get_Value (
    int Index
public void set_Value (
    int Index,
    object Value


The Index parameter is a zero based index.

Classes that implement IRowBuffer

Classes Description
Feature Esri Feature.
RowBuffer Esri Row Buffer object.


The IRowBufferinterface contains methods to access the state (the set of field values) for a row buffer. These methods take as argument the numeric index of the field to be accessed.

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