IObjectClassName Interface

Provides access to the objects class ID.


Name Description
Read-only property ObjectClassID The object class ID.

IObjectClassName.ObjectClassID Property

The object class ID.

Public ReadOnly Property ObjectClassID As Integer
public int ObjectClassID {get;}


Each feature class or table registered with the geodatabase is an object class. Object classes have a unique ID which distinguishes them from other object classes in the geodatabase. The ObjectClassIDproperty returns this ID as an integer. The object class ID is assigned by the system when the class is created, or registered with the geodatabase, it cannot be modified.

Tables that are in the database, but not registered with the geodatabase, will have an object class ID of -1.

Classes that implement IObjectClassName

Classes Description
FgdbTableName (esriDataSourcesGDB) File GeoDatabase Table Name object.
ObjectClassName Esri Object Class Name object.
TableName Esri Table Name object.


The ObjectClassID property can be used to obtain the ID for this object class within a workspace that represents a geodatabase (for example, within a Personal, File or ArcSDE geodatabase). A value of -1 is returned if the table is not registered as an object class.

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