ITraceConfiguration Interface

Provides access to members that specify the properties of a network trace configuration.


Name Description
Read/write property ConditionBarriers Returns condition barriers.
Read/write property FunctionBarriers Returns function barriers.
Read/write property Functions Returns functions.
Read/write property IgnoreBarriersAtStartingPoints Returns ignore barriers at starting points.
Read/write property IncludeBarriers Returns whether barriers should be included in the results.
Read/write property OutputConditions Returns output conditions.
Read/write property OutputFilters Returns output filters.
Read/write property ShortestPathNetworkAttributeName Returns the shortest path network attribute name
Read/write property TraversabilityScope Returns the traversability scope.
Read/write property ValidateConsistency Returns whether consistency should be validated.

ITraceConfiguration.ConditionBarriers Property

Returns condition barriers.

Public Property ConditionBarriers As IArray
public IArray ConditionBarriers {get; set;}

ITraceConfiguration.FunctionBarriers Property

Returns function barriers.

Public Property FunctionBarriers As IArray
public IArray FunctionBarriers {get; set;}

ITraceConfiguration.Functions Property

Returns functions.

Public Property Functions As IArray
public IArray Functions {get; set;}

ITraceConfiguration.IgnoreBarriersAtStartingPoints Property

Returns ignore barriers at starting points.

Public Property IgnoreBarriersAtStartingPoints As Boolean
public bool IgnoreBarriersAtStartingPoints {get; set;}

ITraceConfiguration.IncludeBarriers Property

Returns whether barriers should be included in the results.

Public Property IncludeBarriers As Boolean
public bool IncludeBarriers {get; set;}

ITraceConfiguration.OutputConditions Property

Returns output conditions.

Public Property OutputConditions As IArray
public IArray OutputConditions {get; set;}

ITraceConfiguration.OutputFilters Property

Returns output filters.

Public Property OutputFilters As IArray
public IArray OutputFilters {get; set;}

ITraceConfiguration.ShortestPathNetworkAttributeName Property

Returns the shortest path network attribute name.

Public Property ShortestPathNetworkAttributeName As String
public string ShortestPathNetworkAttributeName {get; set;}

ITraceConfiguration.TraversabilityScope Property

Returns the traversability scope.

Public Property TraversabilityScope As esriTraversabilityScope
public esriTraversabilityScope TraversabilityScope {get; set;}

ITraceConfiguration.ValidateConsistency Property

Returns whether consistency should be validated.

Public Property ValidateConsistency As Boolean
public bool ValidateConsistency {get; set;}

Classes that implement ITraceConfiguration

Classes Description

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