ISetDefaultConnectionInfo Interface

Provides access to default connection information for a remote database (ArcSDE).


Name Description
Method SetParameters Sets ArcSDE connection property parameters.

ISetDefaultConnectionInfo.SetParameters Method

Sets ArcSDE connection property parameters.

Public Sub SetParameters ( _
    ByVal server As String, _
    ByVal instance As String, _
    ByVal User As String, _
    ByVal password As String, _
    ByVal versName As String _
public void SetParameters (
    string server,
    string instance,
    string User,
    string password,
    string versName

Classes that implement ISetDefaultConnectionInfo

Classes Description
SdeWorkspaceFactory (esriDataSourcesGDB) Esri SDE Workspace Factory.


ISetDefaultConnectionInfois an optional interface supported by the SDEWorkspaceFactory. It allows setting of default values for the user, password and version connection properties on a per server and instance basis. These default values will be used by the Openmethod in those cases where the caller of the method does not supply values for these properties at call time and by the OpenFromFilemethod in those cases where the connection file contains partial connection information.

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