ILocator Interface

Provides access to members that describe general locator properties.

When To Use

Use the ILocator interface to inspect the general properties of a locator.


Name Description
Read-only property Category Category of the locator.
Read/write property Description Description of the locator.
Read-only property Name Name of the locator.
Read-only property UserInterface User interface for the locator.

ILocator.Category Property

Category of the locator.

Public ReadOnly Property Category As String
public string Category {get;}


The Category property returns a string indicating the category to which the locator belongs. There are two categories that are defined for locators provided with ArcGIS:

  • Address - Locators that are used to geocode addresses
  • RouteEvent - Locators that are used for linear referencing

ILocator.Description Property

Description of the locator.

Public Property Description As String
public string Description {get; set;}

ILocator.Name Property

Name of the locator.

Public ReadOnly Property Name As String
public string Name {get;}


Locators and locator styles stored in an ArcSDE locator workspace are prefixed by the name of the ArcSDE user that owns the locator styles, as in "SDE.US Streets with Zone".

ILocator.UserInterface Property

User interface for the locator.

Public ReadOnly Property UserInterface As ILocatorUI
public ILocatorUI UserInterface {get;}


The UserInterface property returns an object that you can use to display the user interfaces for the locator.

Classes that implement ILocator

Classes Description


The ILocator interface is supported by all locators and locator styles supported by ArcGIS. Additional interfaces must be supported by a locator in order to be used as an address locator in ArcGIS.

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