IRelationshipClassName Interface

Provides access to members that return information about the relationship class.


Name Description
Read/write property Cardinality The Cardinality.
Read/write property FeatureDatasetName The Feature Dataset Name object.
Read/write property IsAttributed Indicates if Attributed.
Read/write property IsComposite Indicates if Composite.
Read/write property Notification The Notification.

IRelationshipClassName.Cardinality Property

The Cardinality.

Public Property Cardinality As esriRelCardinality
public esriRelCardinality Cardinality {get; set;}

IRelationshipClassName.FeatureDatasetName Property

The Feature Dataset Name object.

Public Property FeatureDatasetName As IDatasetName
public IDatasetName FeatureDatasetName {get; set;}

IRelationshipClassName.IsAttributed Property

Indicates if Attributed.

Public Property IsAttributed As Boolean
public bool IsAttributed {get; set;}

IRelationshipClassName.IsComposite Property

Indicates if Composite.

Public Property IsComposite As Boolean
public bool IsComposite {get; set;}

IRelationshipClassName.Notification Property

The Notification.

Public Property Notification As esriRelNotification
public esriRelNotification Notification {get; set;}

Classes that implement IRelationshipClassName

Classes Description
MemoryRelationshipClassName A name class that represents as in memory relationship class.
RelationshipClassName Esri Relationship Class Name object.


The IRelationshipClassName interface includes the Cardinality, Notification, IsAttributed, and IsComposite properties, and also the name object for the parent feature dataset in the case of relationship classes that are contained within a feature dataset.

Name objects are light weight versions of the geodatabase objects they refer to while still providing access to some of the properties/methods available in the geodatabase object. From a name object an instance of the geodatabase object specified by the name object can be created/returned and vice versa.

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