IUtilityNetworkSource Interface

Provides access to members that describe utility network source.


Name Description
Read-only property AssetGroupCodes Returns asset group codes.
Read-only property AssetGroups Returns asset groups.
Read-only property AssetTypeFieldName Returns asset type field name.
Read-only property AssetTypes Returns asset types.
Read/write property ElementType Network element type of this network source.
Read-only property GeometryType The enumerated geometry type.
Read-only property ID Unique identifier of this network source.
Read-only property LayerID Returns layer ID.
Read/write property Name Name of the class associated with this network source.
Read/write property NetworkSourceDirections The directions settings for this network source.
Read/write property Properties Property set of this network source.
Read/write property SchemaGeneration Returns the schema generation.
Read-only property SourceType Type of network source.
Read-only property SupportedProperties Returns supported properties.
Read-only property SupportedProperty Returns whether the property is supported.
Read/write property UsesGeometryInConnectivity Indicates if the source object's geometry is used in determining network connectivity.
Read-only property UtilityNetworkFeatureClassUsageType Returns utility network feature class usage type.

IUtilityNetworkSource.AssetGroupCodes Property

Returns asset group codes.

Public ReadOnly Property AssetGroupCodes As ILongArray
public ILongArray AssetGroupCodes {get;}

IUtilityNetworkSource.AssetGroups Property

Returns asset groups.

Public ReadOnly Property AssetGroups As IArray
public IArray AssetGroups {get;}

IUtilityNetworkSource.AssetTypeFieldName Property

Returns asset type field name.

Public ReadOnly Property AssetTypeFieldName As String
public string AssetTypeFieldName {get;}

IUtilityNetworkSource.AssetTypes Property

Returns asset types.

Public Function get_AssetTypes ( _
    ByVal AssetGroupCode As Integer _
) As IArray
public IArray get_AssetTypes (
    int AssetGroupCode

IUtilityNetworkSource.LayerID Property

Returns layer ID.

Public ReadOnly Property LayerID As Integer
public int LayerID {get;}


For internal use only. This property will always return -1 when called from the Enterprise SDK. The network source name (INetworkSource::Name) should instead be used to retrieve the layer ID.

IUtilityNetworkSource.SchemaGeneration Property

Returns the schema generation.

Public Property SchemaGeneration As Integer
public int SchemaGeneration {get; set;}

IUtilityNetworkSource.SupportedProperties Property

Returns supported properties.

Public ReadOnly Property SupportedProperties As Integer
public int SupportedProperties {get;}

IUtilityNetworkSource.SupportedProperty Property

Returns whether the property is supported.

Public Function get_SupportedProperty ( _
    ByVal Property As esriNetworkSourceSupportedProperty _
) As Boolean
public bool get_SupportedProperty (
    esriNetworkSourceSupportedProperty Property

IUtilityNetworkSource.UtilityNetworkFeatureClassUsageType Property

Returns utility network feature class usage type.

Public ReadOnly Property UtilityNetworkFeatureClassUsageType As esriUtilityNetworkFeatureClassUsageType
public esriUtilityNetworkFeatureClassUsageType UtilityNetworkFeatureClassUsageType {get;}

Inherited Interfaces

Interfaces Description
INetworkSource Provides access to members that specify the properties of a source in a network dataset.

Classes that implement IUtilityNetworkSource

Classes Description

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