IUNPropagator Interface

Provides access to members that specify the properties of a utility network trace propagator.


Name Description
Read/write property NetworkAttributeName Returns the network attribute name.
Read/write property Operator Returns the operator.
Read/write property PropagatedAttributeName Returns the propagated attribute name.
Read/write property PropagatorFunctionType Returns the propagator function type.
Read/write property SchemaGeneration Returns the schema generation.
Read/write property SubstitutionAttributeName Returns the substitution attribute name.
Read/write property Value Returns the value.

IUNPropagator.NetworkAttributeName Property

Returns the network attribute name.

Public Property NetworkAttributeName As String
public string NetworkAttributeName {get; set;}

IUNPropagator.Operator Property

Returns the operator.

Public Property Operator As esriTraceOperator
public esriTraceOperator Operator {get; set;}

IUNPropagator.PropagatedAttributeName Property

Returns the propagated attribute name.

Public Property PropagatedAttributeName As String
public string PropagatedAttributeName {get; set;}

IUNPropagator.PropagatorFunctionType Property

Returns the propagator function type.

Public Property PropagatorFunctionType As esriTracePropagatorFunctionType
public esriTracePropagatorFunctionType PropagatorFunctionType {get; set;}

IUNPropagator.SchemaGeneration Property

Returns the schema generation.

Public Property SchemaGeneration As Integer
public int SchemaGeneration {get; set;}

IUNPropagator.SubstitutionAttributeName Property

Returns the substitution attribute name.

Public Property SubstitutionAttributeName As String
public string SubstitutionAttributeName {get; set;}

IUNPropagator.Value Property

Returns the value.

Public Property Value As Object
public object Value {get; set;}

Classes that implement IUNPropagator

Classes Description
UNPropagator UN Propagator.

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