IEnumTinElement Interface

Provides access to TIN element options.


Name Description
Method Next Gets next element.
Method QueryNext Queries next element.
Method Reset Resets the enumerator.

IEnumTinElement.Next Method

Gets next element.

Public Function Next ( _
) As ITinElement
public ITinElement Next (

IEnumTinElement.QueryNext Method

Queries next element.

Public Sub QueryNext ( _
    ByVal pElement As ITinElement _
public void QueryNext (
    ITinElement pElement

IEnumTinElement.Reset Method

Resets the enumerator.

Public Sub Reset ( _
public void Reset (

Classes that implement IEnumTinElement

Classes Description
TinEdgeEnumerator The Esri TinEdgeEnumerator component.
TinNodeEnumerator The Esri TinNodeEnumerator component.
TinTriangleEnumerator The Esri TinTriangleEnumerator component.

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