IMemoryRelationshipClassFactory Interface

Provides access to members that open a memory relationship class.


Name Description
Method Open Opens the memory relationship class specified by the given properties.

IMemoryRelationshipClassFactory.Open Method

Opens the memory relationship class specified by the given properties.

Public Function Open ( _
    ByVal Name As String, _
    ByVal originPrimaryClass As IObjectClass, _
    ByVal originPrimaryKeyField As String, _
    ByVal originForeignClass As IObjectClass, _
    ByVal originForeignKeyField As String, _
    ByVal ForwardPathLabel As String, _
    ByVal BackwardPathLabel As String, _
    ByVal Cardinality As esriRelCardinality _
) As IRelationshipClass
public IRelationshipClass Open (
    string Name,
    IObjectClass originPrimaryClass,
    string originPrimaryKeyField,
    IObjectClass originForeignClass,
    string originForeignKeyField,
    string ForwardPathLabel,
    string BackwardPathLabel,
    esriRelCardinality Cardinality


The Open method either creates a new MemoryRelationshipClass or returns a reference to an existing MemoryRelationshipClass if that class has already been created.

When creating a MemoryRelationshipClass, much of the same information that is required for a RelationshipClass in the Geodatabase is needed. However, MemoryRelationshipClasses are always simple and non-attributed so only two tables and two fields need to be specified. The originPrimaryKeyField refers to the field in the originPrimaryClass while the originForeignKeyField refers to the field in the originForeignClass.

Once the MemoryRelationshipClass is created, the IRelationshipClass interface can be used to find the tables and fields specified in the Open method. Here is how the properties from IRelationshipClass are mapped to the parameters of the Open method:

IRelationshipClass Property Open method parameter
DestinationClass originForeignClass
OriginClass originPrimaryClass
OriginPrimaryKey originPrimaryKeyField
OriginForeignKey originPrimaryKeyField
ForwardPathLabel ForwardPathLabel
BackwardPathLabel BackwardPathLabel
Cardinality Cardinality

The diagram below describes the associations that define a MemoryRelationshipClass.

Classes that implement IMemoryRelationshipClassFactory

Classes Description
MemoryRelationshipClassFactory Object used to create memory relationship class objects.


The IMemoryRelationshipClassFactory interface provides an Open method that creates a new MemoryRelationshipClass.

See MemoryRelationshipClass for more information on MemoryRelationship Classes.

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