IRasterCatalogHelper2 Interface

Provides access to additional RasterCatalog utilities.


Name Description
Method UpdateFootprint Updates RasterCatalog footprint.
Method UpdateFootprintEx Updates RasterCatalog footprint.
Method UpdateFootprintSpatialReference Updates RasterCatalog footprint spatial reference.

IRasterCatalogHelper2.UpdateFootprintEx Method

Updates RasterCatalog footprint.

Public Sub UpdateFootprintEx ( _
    ByVal Catalog As IRasterCatalog, _
    ByVal Where As String, _
    ByVal onlyIfEmpty As Boolean, _
    ByVal cancel As ITrackCancel _
public void UpdateFootprintEx (
    IRasterCatalog Catalog,
    string Where,
    bool onlyIfEmpty,
    ITrackCancel cancel

Inherited Interfaces

Interfaces Description
IRasterCatalogHelper Provides access to a RasterCatalog helper.

Classes that implement IRasterCatalogHelper2

Classes Description
RasterCatalogHelper A helper for RasterCatalog.


IRasterCatalogHelper2 provides the function to update footprints of selected raster datasets in a raster catalog with a where clause.

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