ITopologyProperties Interface

Provides access to members that return properties of a topology.


Name Description
Read-only property Classes An enumerator over the FeatureClasses.
Read-only property ClusterTolerance The cluster tolerance of the topology.
Read-only property SpatialReference The spatial reference for the dataset.

ITopologyProperties.Classes Property

An enumerator over the FeatureClasses.

Public ReadOnly Property Classes As IEnumFeatureClass
public IEnumFeatureClass Classes {get;}


The Classes property will return an enumeration of the feature classes that participate in the Topology. Calling this method is analogous to using the IFeatureClassContainer::Classes property.

ITopologyProperties.ClusterTolerance Property

The cluster tolerance of the topology.

Public ReadOnly Property ClusterTolerance As Double
public double ClusterTolerance {get;}


The ClusterTolerance property will return the cluster tolerance of the Topology. It will be the same value as is returned from the ITopology::ClusterTolerance property.

ITopologyProperties.SpatialReference Property

The spatial reference for the dataset.

Public ReadOnly Property SpatialReference As ISpatialReference
public ISpatialReference SpatialReference {get;}


The SpatialReference property will return the spatial reference of the topology.

Classes that implement ITopologyProperties

Classes Description


The ITopologyProperties interface provides access to additional topology properties not supplied through the ITopology interface, such as the enumeration of feature classes and the topology's spatial reference.

void FetchTopologyProperties(ITopology topology)


  // Topology properties

  ITopologyProperties topologyProperties = topology as ITopologyProperties;

  // Classes

  IEnumFeatureClass enumFeatureClass = topologyProperties.Classes;


  IFeatureClass featureClass = enumFeatureClass.Next();

  // Cluster tolerance

  double clusterTolerance = topologyProperties.ClusterTolerance;

  // Spatial reference

  ISpatialReference spatialReference = topologyProperties.SpatialReference;


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