ITimeQueryFilter Interface

Query filter that gives access to members that allow queries using time.


Name Description
Read/write property OutputTimeReference Output time reference.
Read/write property TimeRelation Time relation for the time query.
Read/write property TimeValue Time value.

ITimeQueryFilter.OutputTimeReference Property

Output time reference.

Public Property OutputTimeReference As ITimeReference
public ITimeReference OutputTimeReference {get; set;}

ITimeQueryFilter.TimeRelation Property

Time relation for the time query.

Public Property TimeRelation As esriTimeRelation
public esriTimeRelation TimeRelation {get; set;}

ITimeQueryFilter.TimeValue Property

Time value.

Public Property TimeValue As ITimeValue
public ITimeValue TimeValue {get; set;}

Classes that implement ITimeQueryFilter

Classes Description
ImageQueryFilter (esriCarto) An image query filter.

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