IBaseNetworkAssociation2 Interface

Provides access to modifying a utility network association.


Name Description
Method AddConnectivityAssociation Adds a connectivity row to the associations table.
Method AddContainmentAssociation Adds a containment row to the associations table.
Method DeleteAssociations Deletes associations from associations table.
Method DeleteConnectivityAssociation Deletes connectivity rows from the associations table.
Method DeleteContainmentAssociation Deletes a containment row from the associations table.
Method QueryAssociations Query the association's table.
Method SynthesizeAssociationGeometries Return the Association objects for the utility network features that intersect the given envelope extent. The association geometries are projected to the specified output spatial reference.
Method TraverseAssociations Traverse the association's table.
Method UpdateAssociation Update an existing association.

IBaseNetworkAssociation2.QueryAssociations Method

Query the association's table.

Public Sub QueryAssociations ( _
    ByVal sourceIDArray As ILongArray, _
    ByVal globalIDArray As IStringArray, _
    ByVal TerminalID As ILongArray, _
    ByVal associationTypeArray As ILongArray, _
    ByVal isReturningDeletes As Boolean, _
    ByRef associationArray As IArray _
public void QueryAssociations (
    ILongArray sourceIDArray,
    IStringArray globalIDArray,
    ILongArray TerminalID,
    ILongArray associationTypeArray,
    bool isReturningDeletes,
    ref IArray associationArray

IBaseNetworkAssociation2.TraverseAssociations Method

Traverse the association's table.

Public Sub TraverseAssociations ( _
    ByVal sourceIDArray As ILongArray, _
    ByVal globalIDArray As IStringArray, _
    ByVal TerminalID As ILongArray, _
    ByVal traversalType As esriAssociationTraversalType, _
    ByVal traversalDirection As esriAssociationTraversalDirection, _
    ByVal dirtyFilter As esriAssociationDirtyStatusFilter, _
    ByVal errorFilter As esriAssociationErrorStatusFilter, _
    ByVal isStoppingAtFirstSpatial As Boolean, _
    ByVal maxDepth As Integer, _
    ByRef associationArray As IArray, _
    ByRef outputSourceID As ILongArray, _
    ByRef outGlobalIDArray As IStringArray _
public void TraverseAssociations (
    ILongArray sourceIDArray,
    IStringArray globalIDArray,
    ILongArray TerminalID,
    esriAssociationTraversalType traversalType,
    esriAssociationTraversalDirection traversalDirection,
    esriAssociationDirtyStatusFilter dirtyFilter,
    esriAssociationErrorStatusFilter errorFilter,
    bool isStoppingAtFirstSpatial,
    int maxDepth,
    ref IArray associationArray,
    ref ILongArray outputSourceID,
    ref IStringArray outGlobalIDArray

IBaseNetworkAssociation2.UpdateAssociation Method

Update an existing association.

Public Sub UpdateAssociation ( _
    ByVal associationGlobalID As Guid, _
    ByVal attributeValuesPropertySet As IPropertySet _
public void UpdateAssociation (
    Guid associationGlobalID,
    IPropertySet attributeValuesPropertySet

Inherited Interfaces

Interfaces Description
IBaseNetworkAssociation Provides access to members that specify the properties of a base network association.

Classes that implement IBaseNetworkAssociation2

Classes Description

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