The strategy for how multi-row (stacked) text should be aligned. Multi-row text labels can be horizontally aligned on the left, right or at its center. This preference can be specified by the TextSymbol assigned to the LabelDefinition. By using the LabelDefinition.stackAlignment property, the user can choose to use the TextSymbol.horizontalAlignment property for all labels, or can choose to have the most aesthetic alignment calculated case-by-case for each label depending on its placement position around its feature. This is particularly useful for labels of dense point features, where labels may move above, below, left or right of their point symbol, in order to fit on the display.

The default value is LabelStackAlignment.Automatic (which will have the same effect on labels as LabelStackAlignment.TextSymbol).

This property has no effect if LabelDefinition.stackStrategy = LabelStackStrategy.None.