Defines properties for dynamically aggregating and summarizing groups of features as the map scale or visible extent changes. FeatureReduction is only supported for point feature layers in dynamic rendering mode (FeatureRenderingMode.Dynamic) in 2D. The following conditions will generate a LayerViewState error and will result in the layer rendering the original features.

  1. A FeatureLayer that uses static rendering mode is enabled with FeatureReduction.

  2. A FeatureLayer enabled with FeatureReduction is added to an ArcGISScene (or an ArcGISScene that contains such a layer is loaded).

  3. An unsupported renderer is used as the AggregationFeatureReduction.renderer. See AggregationFeatureReduction.renderer for more info.

If this property is explicitly set to null, FeatureReduction is removed from the FeatureLayer and is not persisted when saving the map.