A collection of layers that can access geographic data from a file or a service. The operational layers collection is used to display geographic data layers on top of a basemap layer in an ArcGISMap or ArcGISScene. For example, you can display a fleet of vehicles being tracked on a map or display a point cloud layer of a tree canopy in a scene.

This collection of layers is unique to the map or scene, it cannot be used by another GeoModel. You can add and remove layers from the map or scene by adding and removing them from this collection. Ensure that the map has finished loading, otherwise you will replace the map's original operational layers with the newly added layers.

The first layer in the GeoModel.operationalLayers collection is drawn first (on the bottom) above the basemap layer. Each subsequent layer is drawn on top. Typically, imagery or tile layers are added to the collection first, and then polygon, line, and point layers last. When you pass the GeoModel to the GeoView it combines these layers to create the final display for the user.

See Data Layers[https://developers.arcgis.com/documentation/mapping-apis-and-services/maps/data-layers/] for more information about working with operational layers.



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