A DynamicEntityDataSourcePurgeOptions that defines when observations are purged from the local data cache. Data received from the DynamicEntityDataSource is stored in memory on the client and can grow quickly depending on the number of dynamic entities and frequency of updates. If purge options are not set appropriately, a data source may store too many observations in its local data cache and cause performance and memory issues for the application. Use the DynamicEntityDataSource.purgeOptions property to control app data storage for the local cache.

This property must be set before loading the data source and cannot be changed once the data source is loaded.

By default, purge options are set to remove observations from the data cache when a maximum limit of 100,000 observations is reached.

Note that you can clear all observations from the cache using DynamicEntityDataSource.purgeAll(). This clears all data from the local data cache, but does not disconnect from the stream. Dynamic entities and observations will continue to be added to the local data cache as they come from the stream.