fun validateNetworkTopology(extent: Envelope, executionType: GeoprocessingExecutionType = GeoprocessingExecutionType.SynchronousExecute): UtilityNetworkValidationJob

Returns a job that when started will validate the utility network topology within the provided extent. The preferred job execution type is GeoprocessingExecutionType.SynchronousExecute because it is faster to start up. For larger jobs, GeoprocessingExecutionType.SynchronousExecute can lead to timeouts, at which point GeoprocessingExecutionType.AsynchronousSubmit should be used.

The job that is returned is dormant and needs to be explicitly started.

When working with an enterprise geodatabase, only a single session can run the validate operation at a time in the default version.

See Enable and validate network topology errors[] for more information on validation errors.


An UtilityNetworkValidationJob to validate network topology.



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