The selection properties that is applied to the GeoView. This property allows configuration of new selection highlighting functionality such as selection promotion and switchable selection halo.

Notes on per-layer selection coloring (supported in 2D only):

The deprecated per-layer selection coloring functionality is initially enabled.

If the GeoView's SelectionProperties are touched, per-layer selection coloring is then disabled for the lifetime of the view. (here, 'touched' means replacing the view's SelectionProperties, or calling a setter property on the view's SelectionProperties).

Use of per-layer selection coloring is deprecated and may have a detrimental impact on rendering performance.

When per-layer coloring is enabled and more than one selection color is configured, selection halo will be disabled.

To enable selection halo or promotion, set the properties to true. Again, this will automatically disable per-layer selection coloring for the lifetime of the view.