Expiration details for this mobile scene package, if provided. Expiration details provide:

  • The package’s expiration date and time

  • Whether the scenes can be accessed after expiration

  • Any messages relevant for the user

By publishing a package with expiration details, the author can control the experience an end-user has when they try to access information that is no longer valid. For example, for time limited data (such as major sporting events), the author can ensure that the data cannot be accessed after the expiry date.

These expiration details can be specified when the author creates a mobile scene package using ArcGIS Pro (from version 2.4). This requires the ArcGIS Pro Publisher Extension.

During package loading, this API will determine whether the mobile scene package was authored with expiration. If so, then this property will be populated.

If the package has expired and was authored as ExpirationType.PreventExpiredAccess, loading will fail and you will not be able to access the scenes. The expiration details will be accessible for you to examine and/or communicate to the user.