Specifies whether Annotation data is to be included from the service, when generating, or downloading to, an offline geodatabase. Feature layers and tables are always included in the generation and synchronization of the geodatabase. Annotation data can be optionally included when downloading from the service.

Once this data is taken offline to a local geodatabase, any subsequent inserts, edits or deletions will NOT be applied to the server data when re-synchronized. If features linked to the annotation have been changed, the server WILL apply the feature-linked-annotation updates. Another download from the server will replace any offline inserts, edits or deletions of Annotation features.

The default value is true. Annotation data will be included.

SyncCapabilities.supportsAnnotations can be used to check whether Annotation data is available from the service.

This property can be used at the same time as specifying other additional data types to be included.