Specifies the generation and synchronization mode of Utility Network data from the service to an offline geodatabase. Feature layers and tables are always included in the generation and synchronization of the geodatabase. Utility Network System data can be optionally included.

When this property is set to something other than UtilityNetworkSyncMode.None, GeodatabaseSyncTask.createDefaultGenerateGeodatabaseParameters(Geometry) will include all the data layers and tables in the feature service in the GenerateGeodatabaseParameters.layerOptions. Since only the feature layers' schema is required to support querying associations or tracing offline, their feature data may be filtered out by:

Use SyncCapabilities to check which synchronization mode the feature service supports. If SyncCapabilities.supportsUtilityNetworkSystem is true, UtilityNetworkSyncMode.SyncSystemTables may be used. If SyncCapabilities.supportsUtilityNetworkTopology is also true, UtilityNetworkSyncMode.SyncSystemAndTopologyTables may be used.

Setting this property to something other than UtilityNetworkSyncMode.None allows the UtilityNetwork query associations offline. Setting this property to SyncCapabilities.supportsUtilityNetworkTopology also enables tracing offline. However, SyncCapabilities.supportsUtilityNetworkTopology does not allow editing the feature layers, which means GenerateGeodatabaseParameters.syncModel must be set to SyncModel.None or such a combination will result in an error in the GenerateGeodatabaseJob.

Utility network sync mode ([UtilityNetworkSyncMode]) Required sync capabilities ([SyncCapabilities]) Enables utility network capabilities ([UtilityNetworkCapabilities])
[UtilityNetworkSyncMode.None] No sync capability required No utility network capability enabled
[UtilityNetworkSyncMode.SyncSystemTables] [SyncCapabilities.supportsUtilityNetworkSystem] [UtilityNetworkCapabilities.supportsQueryAssociations]
[UtilityNetworkSyncMode.SyncSystemAndTopologyTables] [SyncCapabilities.supportsUtilityNetworkSystem], [SyncCapabilities.supportsUtilityNetworkTopology] [UtilityNetworkCapabilities.supportsQueryAssociations], [UtilityNetworkCapabilities.supportsTrace]

The default value is UtilityNetworkSyncMode.None. Utility Network System data will not be included.

This property can be used at the same time as specifying other additional data types to be included.